Why Link Building Will Never be the Same Again

I’ve written a fair amount on the subject of link building over the last year or so, and with good reason too. We don’t need to tread old ground, but now is certainly the time to move on and move up when optimizing your site.Links still have a part to play, indeed they’re integral. However, not all links hold the same weight. Some are going to help you massively, whilst others could very possibly hinder your efforts. More often than not, it comes down to common sense.

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Using Emotive Content to Drive Conversions

You’ve heard the phrase “sex sells”, but have you ever given much thought as to why?

Marketing involves selling a product or service using the merits that most appeal to the people involved. The decisions we make are largely driven by right side of our brain combating with the left.

The right side expresses our emotions, our want’s and desires, but the left side helps us think critically, identify our needs and presents us with the logic. Your brains right side knows that you want those luscious new Jimmy Choo’s badly, but your left side reasons with you that your spending money is actually your rent money.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation Techniques to Focus on in 2019

There can only be two real reasons to owning a website, selling or sharing. Obviously, this is quite a bold statement to make, but hear me out. Information banks like Wikipedia, social media sites, music sites like Grooveshark and even some personal websites all share their knowledge or services to other sites, many in the hope that users will pass this knowledge on and thus drive visits to said site.

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A Beginners Guide to SEO Keyword Research

Keywords have always played an important part in search engine optimization. There was once a time when adding lists of keywords and variations to a website in the form of Meta keyword tags was an effective tactic to rank high in the search engine results pages for your target terms. Times have certainly changed and it is not nearly as straight forward as it once was, but keyword research and implementation still have an important role in SEO.

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Using Videos to Promote Your Company’s Services

More and more people are becoming familiar with how to use videos as a way to market their product. The rise of social media sites such as YouTube have had a dramatic impact on this contribution, as registered users can upload their content onto the Internet and share their videos with other users online. For those who work for small companies or large organizations, videos are another great platform for you to promote your services alongside existing, or shall we say more traditional and established methods.

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Google Knows When You Fake It

Opening yourself up to criticism can be a scary thing. You could pour your heart and soul into your work, only to have it ripped to shreds by a few choice words in the comments section.

It’s not all negative though, if you do good work, often people will look for a way to positively appraise you, be it through great reviews or amazing testimonials.

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5 Easy Local SEO Tips

For anyone practising SEO, ensuring your website is targeted locally is crucial to being seen in the Search Engines. Many have predicted that 2019 will be the year of local search, where mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones have changed the way many people find what they are looking for. We’re a nation on the move, and people are likely to search for things as and when they’re out and about, so ensuring you’re seen when someone is searching for a local business is absolutely crucial.

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Understanding Google’s Penalties

Surviving as a top ranking site on any search engine is a risky balancing act. It’s an incredibly competitive landscape that requires you to constantly adapt.

If you can’t keep up with the search engine’s continuous tweaks and updates to their guidelines then you’ll quickly find yourself and your site in hot water.

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