Why Link Building Will Never be the Same Again

I’ve written a fair amount on the subject of link building over the last year or so, and with good reason too. We don’t need to tread old ground, but now is certainly the time to move on and move up when optimizing your site.Links still have a part to play, indeed they’re integral. However, not all links hold the same weight. Some are going to help you massively, whilst others could very possibly hinder your efforts. More often than not, it comes down to common sense.

Quantity was often the key when it came to linking building. While it would be somewhat clichéd to suggest that ‘quality’ has now taken its place, there is more than an element of truth in this. It should go without saying that receiving a mention on a respected and well-established industry blog is better than half a dozen spun articles or 100 directory listings. One has genuine value, the other – well, they’re easy.

Link building shouldn’t be easy. That’s why Google outlawed buying links and mutually beneficial reciprocal schemes. If you come home at the end of the day and you have built a few hundred links, there’s a fair chance that most were offered with very little resistance and that there was a reasonable amount of automation.

The search engines aren’t stupid and they can see right through any such nonsense.

So quality is obviously important, but in all cases concerning link building as well as content, branding will also play an important role too. If you’re just creating content to create links, then there’s a reasonable chance that it won’t be up to much. Indeed, you may not be particularly careful about where it goes.

But link building isn’t just about being careful – you need to be clever too. Build connections, create great content, promote your news, events, and competitions. A little lateral thinking can go a long way.

It would be fair to say that any suggestion of link building being ‘easy’ has been put to bed once and for all. You need to work for each and everyone, often using techniques that won’t offer instant rewards – including building your followers through social media.

Everything needs to be grown organically. You can’t force people to like your Facebook page and you certainly can’t make someone link to your site. Therefore, you have to be prepared to give them a reason to do so. Forget handing over sizeable sums of cash, often people just want advice, free content or expert opinion. If you’re in a position to provide these things, make sure you deliver the goods.

The great news is that you don’t need tens of thousands of links anymore. This means that you can put all your efforts into generating a select few, high-quality mentions. Sure, you might only get a few links every week, but the benefits are likely to be much greater. It’s more natural and more effective, so get started today.

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